The Day of the Lord

What is the Day of the Lord?

The Day of the Lord (DOTL) is the secret plan, designed from the creation of the world, which will end this age with cataclysmic events, usher in the Messianic age and put everything under Messiah's control. This plan, hidden in the truths of God's revelation to man, will be discovered and put into effect when the time is ripe . Like a cut diamond it has many facets to it, many parallel plots and purposes. All of these events will serve to implement profound transformations in individuals and the insitutions of man. They are designed to do that. To reveal hidden character and motivations, to test and disclose the real nature of one's relationship to God - whether King, servant or rebel. It is a plan based on wisdom not power. The enimies of God will be defeated by the exercise of truth rather than the discharge of might.

What are the underlying Concepts?

There are four concepts that need to be seen and understood.

Administration -




When was it revealed?

Why use the term 'Day of the Lord'?

Why wasn't it revealed sooner?

How long will it last?

Why is this the time?

Is there danger?

What is the basis for the DOTL?

What are we supposed to do?

What are the goals or objectives?

Will it require change?

What is the first thing to do?

Who is involved?


While the plan as it is being uncovered is certain, the time of its commencement is just slightly less so. However, as of this writting, very powerful indications are pointing to September, 1994 as it's likely debut.