(old see WIT)

It seems fitting that a new year, a new decade, a new century, and a new millennium, the seventh millennium, should provoke us to new endeavors. There is a stirring for more. There is a growing call to repentance, prayer, unity and truth issuing forth from all corners of the world.

In response, we, the people of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and of his son Yeshua, call for a reexamination of the foundations and roots of our faith, our theology, and our worship. We believe truth is at the core of our problem and truth is at the core of any solution. Not forgetting what we have learned, we must look back to reexamine a theology that has not sufficiently equipped or prepared us for service and victory.

We have failed to understand the full dimension of our role as priests in the earth, first to represent God's holy nature, to mediate his grace, and when we are perfect, finally his judgment. As an act of repentance, and remorseful for our many ungodly actions we turn and begin the journey back to that place of our first love. We now chose to honor our God with our lives by truthfully and fully complying to his commands, statutes, and regulations.

In keeping with this act of repentance, we would now call those who likewise sense a new mandate for change. Who sense that God is ready to respond to our frail but sincere effort to perfect his kingdom in our lives and on this earth. Together we are stirred to enter our destiny, to ascend that holy hill of the Lord, together we can raise a new banner for all to see.

To this end, we propose the following actions:

Truth Trials

That we begin to develop the basis of a new type of worship - worship in truth. We see this developing within the context of unity, dialog and study. The first phase of this millennium experiment is to create a team of like minded individuals who would be willing to gather together regularly to discuss, study, pray, plan and work towards developing a proper expression of this WIT concept. The initial expression would be monthly or bi-monthly 'truth trials' where we would conduct a public presentation of issues related to restoring truth to Christianity. Two or more 'experts' would be chosen to argue their respective positions before a 'jury' (audience) of interested people. The trial motif would be fine tuned (or changed) to accomplish the most effective discovery/delivery of truth. As God would lead, the product of these trials would than be reformatted for presentation on the internet with accompanying written and/or graphical materials.

Association of Torah Compliant Churches

Somewhat in parallel with this venture we would begin the "Association of Torah Compliant Churches"., an organization of testimony and support, who's growing numbers would testify to the world of the growing acceptance of a Torah based perfect universal lifestyle.

Feast of Tabernacles

One of the many activities this association would sponsor would be a South Florida F-east of Tabernacles celebration for the fall of 2000. This FOT event would be a well promoted SF event with the specific intention of presenting our 'truth trials' and conclusions to both Christian and Jewish communities in a joyful and festive Biblical celebration.

have begun to see the great error that we and our for-fathers have entered into. We have understood from Scripture that the nature of our error has been youthful arrogance of privilege not causing us to see or take on a corresponding responsibility.

for a season we turn our attention to examining the foundations and roots of our faith system and doctrines, theology, and actions. We take a Sabbatical from our ';work' in order to reexamine our works. Although it may seem contrary to our perception holiness is our first priority not convincing others to know God. What we are is more important than what we do.